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Chapter 4 
        1. How would you describe the research process?
Research process begin, how to select the sample and collect the data, and how to analyze the data, embody the design aspects, which will be elaborated later in the book. denotes the final deduction from the hypotheses testing. when all or most of the hypotheses are substantiated   and the research question is fully answers, the research write up the reports, makes a presentation, and the manager is enable to examine different ways of solving the problems and make a final decision, are represented embody the design aspects.
Several of the hypothesis are not substantiated, or are only partially supported, one many go back to examine the reasons for this note the broken lines and the arrow to several other boxes in the process may have to be restarted  at the point where the research feels the need for examination. But managerial decision may have to be taken on the basis of current finding the research tries to make educated conjectures as to why certain hypotheses were not support, and  then the writers the report reflecting these. this is indicated by the curved line  leading from no box to report writing.
2.   Explain the preliminary data-collection method
Data-collection methods are the identification of the broad problem area, preliminary information gathering, especially through unstructured and structured interviews and literature survey and problem definition.
3.   Why is it important to gather information on the background of the organization?
Because to be well acquainted with the background of the company or organization studied.  
4.  Should a research always obtain information on the structural aspect and job characteristic from 
 those interviewed ? Give reasons for your answer with example.
     Should, interviews are conducted, the next steps for the research is it tabulate the various types of information that have next step been gathered during the interviews and determine if there are patterns in the responses. For instance it might be observed from the qualitative data. For example, Mr. jack is graduated from Gunadarma University, from major in economic. He bring Curriculum Vita And  he applied for financial section. We can see his skills it can be as consideration.  
       5. How would you go about doing literature survey in the area of business ethics?
   the researcher could start the literature survey even as information from the unstructured and structured interviews is being gathered. reviewing the literature on the topic area at this time helps the researcher to focus interviews more meaningfully on certain aspect found to be important in the published studied, even if these had not surfaced during the interviews.
       6. What is the propose of literature survey?
     Literature survey propose  help the researcher to include all the relevant variables in the research project, and also facilities the creative integration of the information gathered from the structured and unstructured interviews with what is found in prevision studies.
7. Why is appropriate citation important? What are the consequences of not giving credit to the source 
from which materials are extracted?
    Because appropriate test to assess the applicants analytical skills, judgment, leadership, motivation, oral and written communication skills, and the like. Yet it might be consequently losing excellent MBA's hires as managers, within a year, despite being highly paid.
8. “The problem definition stage is perhaps more critical in the research process than the problem 
solution stage” discuss this statement.
    Managers inputs help researchers to define the broad problem area and confirm their own theories about the situational factors impacting on the central problem. Managers who realize that correct problem definition is critical to ultimate problem solution do not begrudge the time spent in working closely with researchers.

     9. Why should one get hung up on problem definition if one already knows the broad problems are to be
   Because it is critical that the focus for further research , or in order words, the problem, be unambiguously identified and defined. no amount of good research can find solutions to the solution, if the critical issue or the problem to be studied is not clearly pinpointed.
   10.  Access the on-line system in your library an (a) generate a list of the references that relate to the 
    performance of general motors, and (b) obtain the abstracts of these studies.
General motors
General motors in a pioneer company that was formed by William Durant in the year 1908. It was initially formed by grouping few numbers of the small car builders and it was given the name general motors. The founder anticipated the future lies in the manufacture of the cars and hence he arrived at this move. The company was first based at Flint, Michigan but the headquarters was moved to Detroit, Michigan. The company has witnessed ups and downs throughout its operation. General motors are an extremely wide portfolio that deals with the manufacture of the trucks and the cars. Brands of general motors.
Some of the brands of the general motors include the Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac. The other units of the general motors consist of the Holden, Vauxhall, Opel and the gm Daewoo units. These companies are distributed worldwide and have produced leading cars. The Holden is a subsidiary of the general motors that is based in Australia and New Zealand. The Vauxhall units are present in UK region and the Opel is present in rest of the Europe. Previously Opel and Vauxhall used to manufacture similar car in UK, this led to competition between the two companies. Eventually the decision was made to stop Opel productions in UK. Durant was removed from his post in the year 1911. Durant then co founded the Chevrolet in the same year. He had done a remarkable job by achieving great sales for more than three years. Again in the year 1916, Durant was recalled to the General motors has a token of appreciation for the wonderful work he had done with the Chevrolet company. In the year 1918, Chevrolet was bought by the general motors.
Association with racing.
There is a great association of the general motors with the racing. Especially the Chevrolet corvette is a wonderful racing car that has amazed the people with the exceptional racing capacity of the vehicle. General motors are also an important supplier of the auto components all over the world. The quality of the components is of the highest standards in the industry. In 1990s, the Oldsmobile brands aurora car performed sensationally in the Indy racing league, winning almost all the races and capturing many records. The wonderful maneuverability of the vehicle much attributed to the success of the vehicles. The implantation of the advanced electronics control system by the general motors group has revolutionized the car industry due to the superior control that is possible to achieve. In the touring cars section, the Vauxhall cars are the leading performers in the touring league held in UK. Alternative fuel technology.
 The general motors have long been interested in exploring alternative technology for the operation of the cars. Some of the initiatives have failed. There are some alternative technologies such as the hybrid cars, electric cars that have gained good popularity in the industry. They have also ventured in producing the hydrogen fuel cars by 2010. Another technology is the operation of the car using the fuel cells; this is considered to be a promising concept due to the current fuel crisis.

        11. Access the on-line system and obtain a list of references that deal with product image.
Visual information and their importance in the process of transfer to users. From nm   the economic and designing point of view, the product, as well as the medium by which the information is transferred, must be vaporized. The use of colors, text information and other graphic solutions for that purpose are studied in this work.    Whether the customer will buy a certain packaged product or not, depends mostly on the customers' evaluation of visual information on its packaging. It applies primarily to the selection of colors that represent a packed product. Secondly, that also applies to the visual information (example: pictures, graphics, symbols, codes etc). The basic visual effects in the form of information which can be used in manipulating the user are text, image and color. The topic of our research is the medium which transfers that information, i.e. packaging.
       12. Offer a clearly focused problem statement in the board area corporate culture.
Corporate culture is the total sum of the values, customs, traditions and meanings that make a company unique. Corporate culture is often called "the character of an organization" since it embodies the vision of the company’s founders. The values of a corporate culture influence the ethical standards within a corporation, as well as managerial behavior. 
13.After studying and extracting information from all the relevant work done previously, how does the research know which particular reference, articles, and information should be given prominence in the literature survey?
A point to note is that the literature survey should bring together all relevant information in cogent and logical manner instead of presenting all the studies in chronological order with bits and pieces of coordinated information. a good literature survey also leads one logically to a good problem statement.
14.  Given the following situation, (a) identify the board problem area; (b) define the problem; and (c)   explain how you would process further.
Problem at the pioneer
Pioneer’s minivans and pickups take a big share of the truck market in India, while it’s car lag behind those of its competitors- Mruti, premier Automobiles, and Hindustan motors. Quality problems include such things as water leaks and faulty headlights.
Board problem area : Pioneer’s minivans and pickups take a big share of the truck     market in  India but it’s car lag behind those of its competitors- Mruti, premier Automobiles, and Hindustan motors.
Problem : quality  competitors- Mruti, premier Automobiles, and Hindustan motors better than Pioneer’s minivans and pickups.
  process further : companies to improve the quality of the product Pioneer's minivans and pickups, and researching of corporate sale

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